Packaging Solutions: Variable Data

Published By Ricardo Mendoz ​-
July 1, 2021
t is clear now more than ever, consumers of alcoholic beverages are looking for interest peaking, unique alternatives to enjoy. Evidenced by the rise of ready to drink cocktails which grew 43% globally in 2020, the voice of the consumers loud and clear. Alternatives to your standard issue drinks are saturating the market and St. Hildie’s Botanica is carving a distinct space and utilizing creative branding to further differentiate itself from its competitors. In such a large market, the thinking of successful brands goes beyond simply making a great drink. More and more creative output is going into packaging which directly affects consumer perception. Ultimately this can be key when potential customers are standing in front of endless choices at their local alcoholic beverage retailer.
           St. Hildie’s Botanica is carving their own niche in this market. Their spiked tincture tonics are described-as “lightly boozy, crafted with real fruit, herbs & florals, and support a system of adaptogens & nootropics.” The goal for those who drink a Hildie:happiness today and tomorrow.  
           This beverage came with a very specific request, when the vision for their can labels came to R.B. Dwyer, the printer and preform manufacturer from Anaheim, CA.  In an effort to bring an individualized aesthetic to their packaging, St. Hildie’s Botanica decided to design their labels with individualized sayings on every can. They presented around 79different phrases for each of three SKUs which were quotes straight from Hildie.This presented a new challenge to the printer, as they had never attempted a job with variable data.  Instead of shying away from the task at hand, the creative talent at R.B. Dwyer quickly got to work on the solution. To them, it was never a matter of if it could be done, but how they were going to execute.  
           Seasoned Operations Manager, MichaelJames Brown, quickly led the charge to success and received a variable data specific training along with the personnel in the company’s prepress department to assure the right people had the right information.  The team was able to immediately apply this knowledge when they readied the customer supplied files for the HP IndigoPrinting Press by utilizing newly acquired software which allowed them to translate each of Hilde’s quotes into a print ready format. Using their training, the team executed a company first, variable data run of digitally printed can labels, helping St. Hildie’s Botanica achieve its vision of standout branding.
           In a market which is overflowing with many different alcoholic drink options for consumers, St. Hildie’s Botanica is offering much more than simply a beverage. They are offering an experience.  Providing a distinctive touch to each can gives consumers a takeaway that makes them something to talk about and gives people a reason to return, as they become invested in what Hildie has to say to them one can at a time. Navigating a world where the options for ready to drink cocktails are abundantly available offers many challenges, but by using variable data printing, St. Hildie’s Botanica has brought a personalized touch which sets it apart from its competition.
R.B.Dwyer is a preform manufacture and digital printer, which also provides can sleeving to customers nationwide.  With locations across the United States and over 30 years of experience, their emphasis on integrity and imagination can help bring your unique vision, for your packaging, to life.