Custom ShrinkSleeve Printing – The R.B. Dwyer Group

January 29, 2022
Published By Joshua Torres


The ice cream industry has grown increasingly concerned with food safety. From co-packer to fridge – each ice cream container during its journey touches a multitude of different surfaces and producer’s hands. Increasing the likelihood content access and damage. Furthermore, the uptick of viral videos of random people licking tubs of ice cream and returning it to a grocery store shelf, are causing brands to explore secure and protective options for their consumer good. Tamper-evident shrink bands provide a safe and valuable option for brands experiencing this odd phenomenon.


What exactly do we mean by “tamper-evident shrink band”? Tamper-Evident Shrink Bands provide a secure, tamper-evident seal that quickly and easily molds around your products packaging in virtually any shaped design. Applied manually, preforms are pre-molded to the specific shape of your container to form a"lip" and "skirt", making placement on your product fast and efficient.  Preforms shrink in seconds through any standard heat tunnel orby utilizing a hand-held heat gun. We stock and offer standard shapes - rounds, rectangles, octagons, triangles, squares, ovals, and other specialty shapes from 1" to 16" diameters. Preforms can be formed in dozens of solid colors or custom printed up to 10 colors with your company's logo and/or specialty graphics.