Custom ShrinkSleeve Printing – The R.B. Dwyer Group

July 15, 2022
Published By Joshua Torres

Digital shrink sleeves offer a number of benefits to the print industry. They are made in the USA and offer quick lead times and less expensive printing plates, which is a huge advantage for small businesses.

While digital shrink sleeves are not yet as popular as other types of packaging, they are steadily gaining ground.

The digitization of printing has led to a number of new innovations. One such innovation is the digitally printed shrink sleeve. This type of printing is done on a flat sheet, which is then shrunk down to the size of the product.

This type of printing has many benefits that make it desirable for manufacturers. First and foremost, digital shrink sleeves are made in America, which means that they are more cost-effective and quicker lead times than other types of printing plates.

Digitally printed shrink sleeves are a great way to create innovative packaging for products. They are made in the USA and can be produced in as little as 7 days. This means that companies can quickly get their product out to the market with less expensive printing plates, which also means that they save on cost and time. The rotogravure printing process is also more environmentally friendly than other processes because it uses less ink than any other process, while also using less energy to produce.

Get your products noticed. For immeasurable shelf presence in coolers, on shelves, kiosk or end-aisle displays, printed shrink sleeves allow a comprehensive and total marketing packaging solution. Unique and custom shaped sleeves are our speciality, and can be designed for manual or automated application.